Menstrual Cup: The Ultimate Swimming Gear

Periods are, in general, a hassle to manage and performing physical tasks like swimming, jogging etc. makes them more of a torture. No more hassles, as the savior from periods pangs is here – the menstrual cup. Menstrual cups are tiny bell-shaped menstrual products that are made using medical-grade silicone.

Since they are internal protection period products (inserted internally in the vagina), there’s no trace of them hanging outside the vagina like the string of a tampon or on your panty like the sanitary pads. Awesome sauce! Isn’t it? Following are more ways in which menstrual cups help you own the pool without worrying about periods:

Keeps You Comfortable

Yeah, the thought of no period blood dripping out in the pool is just great! But you might be wondering if this entire cup fits in your vagina, doesn’t it feel bulky or weird. Don’t worry, because menstrual cups are created smartly and perfectly to fit in your vagina and collect period blood without even making their presence felt. In fact, a menstrual cup holds more blood compared to a tampon.  even come in small and large sizes to give your vagina the right fit and the best period protection.

Saves You From The Nasty Period Trickles

You might be thinking that we are a bit crazy. When sanitary pads and even tampons show period blots on the panties on a regular day, how can a menstrual cup not let out period splotches in a pool? It sounds nuts, but  are just like spill-proof containers. The cup creates a seal in your vagina that does not let out period blood. This suction also keeps the cup in place so that when you tread waters or swim freestyle in the pool, the cup stays firmly in place.

Makes You Forget You Have Periods

Not literally b give you utmost mental peace and protection so that they almost make you forget that you are on your periods! They don’t soak up water and become bulky like sanitary napkins or tampons. They stay inside the vagina doing their work and do not absorb any water, keeping the dirty pool water and the muddy beach water away from your vagina. So, you can be not only leak-free but also free from the infection-causing bacteria in these waters.

Don’t Need You To Keep  “Change” Reminder

As menstrual cups are made of silicone or latex, which are nonabsorbent materials, they do not soak up period blood like pads and tampons. Instead, they hold the blood just like a bottle holds water. You can use the  for up to 12 hours without changing! It has enough volume to collect heavy flow as well as light flow period blood efficiently. Twelve hours without changing your menstrual product in a swimming pool! Sounds nothing less than a dream, to be honest.

Keep The Period Cramps Away

Sommersault or backflip to get in the pool? Why not! But, the aggravating period cramps and aches during periods make these tricks nothing but a fail. You might be managing these cramps with a painkiller but taking them time and again is a definite no-no. Menstrual cups help with period pain. The suction that the cups create helps ease the menstrual cramps and helps you swim like a fish pain-free! Say adios to no swimming during periods. Use everteen Menstrual cups while swimming and enjoy the cool blue waters even during periods.

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